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You might know him as Zorro, or recognize his voice from the character called Puss in Boots, but either way, 61-year-old Antonio Banderas is one of those actors who can do it all. He’s been in over 100 productions and claims fame in several countries. Only through Antonio Banderas quotes, however, do we get to know a little more about the man himself.

Originally from Spain, Banderas started his career playing slightly controversial roles with a small theatre troop. He was arrested in his home country for his part in a production that conflicted with political censorship. That didn’t stop him, however, from taking on challenging and provocative characters.

Banderas moved to the United States despite not speaking English and struggling to support himself financially. Those hurdles barely held him back as he learned his lines phonetically and was praised by both directors and fans. The 1993 film Philadelphia launched his Hollywood career, and Banderas set himself up to be one of the most desired actors out there.

A self-proclaimed romantic and a Hollywood heartthrob, this Spanish actor is still working hard to woo audiences of all ages.

These 25 Antonio Banderas quotes give us a glimpse of the actor’s life and personality.

1. “It was an honor and a privilege to arrive to this country 16 years ago with almost no money in my pocket. A lot has happened since then.”
2. “Everything changes as you get older, your mind, your body, the way you view the world.”
3. “I did my first movie, ‘The Mambo Kings,’ in America without speaking the language. I learned the lines phonetically. I had an interpreter actually just to understand directions from my director.”
4. “The man who doesn’t want anything is invincible.”
5. “Sometimes I have wrinkles in the morning. It depends on what kind of night that I had. I accept myself and the way that I am growing older. I have eye bags and some people have proposed to me to take them out, but I said no.”Antonio Banderas quotes
6. “There are some movies that I would like to forget for the rest of my life. But even those movies teach me things.”
7. “A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we’re not fashionable anymore. We’re here to stay.”
8. “I mean, the Constitution of this country was written 200 years ago. The house I was living in Madrid is 350 years old. America is still a project, and you guys are working on it and bringing new things to it every day. That is beautiful to watch.”
9. “I used to be scared of women. When I was very young they terrified me, but discovering the female universe was incredible and still is to this day, as you never stop learning about them.”
10. “I think the problems with being older come when your body cannot do what your mind wants. Then, Houston, we have a problem.”Antonio Banderas quotes
11. “I always feel that art in general and acting, in particular, should make the audience a little uncomfortable, to slap them and wake them up.”
12. “In my personal life, I am very contemplative.”
13. “I think I am good in the department of body language and fighting, and stuff like that. It’s just natural to me, maybe because I love sports.”
14. “One thing I have clear is that I don’t want to work for money anymore.”
15. “I think I’m a romantic person, yeah.”Antonio Banderas quotes
16. “When you go to the movie theatre and the opening of this movie and you see the kids just cracking up with a character you are giving your voice to, you get goosebumps. It’s so beautiful.”
17. “I’ve never worried about what audiences would accept or had a game plan regarding the career. I never had an idea of how I should look to my fans or anybody else.”
18. “I remember in ‘Law of Desire,’ where I played a homosexual, that people were more upset that I kissed a man on the mouth than I killed a man. It’s interesting to see how people can pardon you for murdering a man, but they can’t pardon you for kissing one.”
19. “In Spain, we have a saying about the essentials of life: good food, good wine, good sex, good sleep.”
20. “Every time, I reaffirm in myself that the more comfortable you are, the less you are creating. You have to feel a little bit of pain in the creation.”Antonio Banderas quotes
21. “You can change a person in their exterior aspects, but the soul remains, it still is there, and especially if that person has been changed involuntarily.”
22. “I cry a lot, you know. Which is very difficult for a man to recognize, but I do. I cry in movies, you know, just watching movies.”
23. “I like going everywhere. And I love starting new things.”
24. “I’m a complete hypochondriac. If my heart starts beating a little faster than normal, I think I’m having an attack.”
25. “I don’t want anything I don’t deserve, but if they offer me more money, I’m not stupid.”

Antonio Banderas has been acting for over 40 years, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he plans to do next. Don’t forget to share this list of Antonio Banderas quotes with your friends and family.

Antonio Banderas quotes

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