Autism Quotes To Promote Acceptance, Kindness, And Individuality


On March 22, 2017, my youngest child was diagnosed with autism. It was a day that was marked with so many different emotions describing them in a single sentence would be impossible. Since then, there have been some extreme lows and incredible highs. Being the parent to a child with autism is an experience that teaches you that love knows no words. And autism quotes can be a great way to shed light and spread awareness of this condition that affects people across the globe.

I often watch my son and marvel at his infinite wisdom and cherish his kind heart. His soul is so unbelievably pure, I feel honored and grateful to be his mother. When it comes to autism, there are powerful quotes that can explain what it means to be autistic, open the eyes of others, and allow people to realize that acceptance can go a long way.

autism quotes

Here’s a collection of autism quotes to promote acceptance, kindness, and individuality

1. “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” — Stephen Shore
2. “Autism means I miss what others catch, and I catch what others miss.”
3. “I’m different, not less.” — Dr. Temple Grandin
4. “Autism is like a rainbow. It has a bright side and a darker side. But every shade is important and beautiful.” – Rosie Tennant Doran
5. “Autism can’t define me. I define autism.” — Kerry Magro
6. “You can be sad about your child’s diagnosis and still love them with every fiber of your being.” – Eileen Lamb
7. “Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory.” — Rachel Barcellona
8. “Autism is not a disability. It’s a different ability.”
9. “No, autism is not a ‘gift’. For most, it is an endless fight against schools, workplaces and bullies. But, under the right circumstances, given the right adjustments, it CAN be a superpower.” – Greta Thunberg
10. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” — Dr. Seuss
autism quotes
My handsome boy, Boston
11. “Autism is part of my child, it’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis.” – S.L. Coelho
12. “I might hit developmental and societal milestones in a different order than my peers, but I am able to accomplish these small victories on my own time.” — Haley Moss
13. “Autism is part of my child, it’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis.” ― S.L. Coelho
14. “I looked up to the stars and wondered which one I was from.” — James McCue
15. “Some people with autism may not be able to speak or answer to their name, but they can still hear your words and feel your kindness.”
16. “It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.” — Coach Elaine Hall
7. “What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.” — Dr. Temple Grandin
18. “Children with autism are colorful – they are often very beautiful and, like the rainbow, they stand out.”― Adele Devine
19. “Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you’re destroying the peg.” ― Paul Collins

20. “Don’t think that there’s a different, better child ‘hiding’ behind the autism. This is your child. Love the child in front of you. Encourage his strengths, celebrate his quirks, and improve his weaknesses, the way you would with any child.” — Claire Scovell LaZebnik, author of Growing Up on the Spectrum
21. “It’s really cool that everybody’s a little bit different but the same too.” — Julia, Sesame Street
22. “You are not in the mountains, the mountains are in you.” — John Muir

The next time you meet someone with autism, keep these autism quotes in mind and know that they deserve to be treated as equals and not judged for being different. After all, imagine how you’d feel if someone judged you for something that was beyond your control.

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