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Since her breakthrough role as Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), Blake Lively has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The gorgeous actress has proved again and again that she can succeed in all types of roles. Her name is attached to movies of all genres from crime thrillers to romantic fantasies. And let’s not forget about her iconic role in “Gossip Girl.” With her long list of starring roles, Lively is also known for her commitment to her family and fashion. Blake Lively quotes highlight how she balances it all.

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Having grown up in a family of actors, Blake Lively’s career started before she finished high school. Even with the success from her first major film, however, the outgoing teenager decided to take a step away from the big screen to finish school as normally as possible. She was a cheerleader, class president, and sang in the choir. When her busy high school life ended and “Gossip Girl” began, there was no going back to a life of anonymity. Her talent, fashion sense, and relatable personality sent her straight to the top.

More recently, Lively has been admired for the work-life balance she has achieved along with her husband and fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds. The couple now has three children, and Lively and Reynolds have made it clear to fans that their family takes priority. Between hilariously trolling each other on social media and always presenting a united team, the loving duo is true relationship goals.

Blake Lively quotes

Learn more about this gorgeous and talented woman from these 25 Blake Lively quotes.

1. “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”
2. “If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never yours, to begin with.”
3. “You can’t really go wrong as long as you’re true to yourself.”
5. “I’d rather be by myself than be spending any time or energy on somebody that I didn’t feel sure about.”
6. “To be around me, you must love food, or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met.”
7. “My greatest passion is my personal life.”
8. “I don’t believe that there’s a good guy and bad guy. Unless it’s like Superman or Batman, there is no good guy and bad guy.”Blake Lively quotes
9. “I was raised in a really terrific, close family, and I’ve never needed to escape anything or to really let myself go by dancing on tables.”
10. “I always want to wear clothes that my children will one day look back on and say, ‘Oh, you looked amazing, why didn’t you keep that?’ Not, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe you wore that.”
11. “My mom and dad always taught acting, so instead of getting me babysitters, they would just bring me to class.”
12. “I take a cooking class everywhere I travel. I find it’s the best way to get to know a culture.”
13. “Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different.”
14. “Nobody’s going to fight for you as much as you fight for yourself.”
15. “We’re all born feeling perfect until somebody tells us we’re not. So there’s nothing I can teach my daughter. She already has all of it. The only thing I can do is protect what she already feels.”
16. “I look at anything in life like as long as you do what you believe in, then it’s going to work out. Because even if other people don’t like what you’re doing, you’re happy because you did what you believed in.”
17. “I think certain people are the way they are for certain reasons that we can’t necessarily judge without knowing.”
18. “I feel like there are so many people I admire for so many reasons that I can’t look at one person’s life and say, ‘I want that life.’ I want to make my own history.”Blake Lively quotes
19. “One of the very few things that I do every single day is put on fragrance. If I’m not wearing makeup, I still put my fragrance on. I will brush my teeth and put on my perfume.”
20. “I admire people who find that what fulfills them is their art or their work, but what fulfills both me and my husband is our family. Knowing that, everything else comes second. We’ve each given up stuff we loved in order to not work at the same time.”
21. “I never think about how other people will respond to the way I dress.”
22. “Cheesecake Factory is great. It should have Michelin stars.”
23. “I think it’s very attractive when people cook. So I don’t wear sweatpants. When you dress sexy to cook, too, it’s like, damn, I got a girl who can cook and look like that? And I always have really cute aprons.”
24. “Dressing up is all about reflecting how I feel.”
25. “The most powerful thing is for women not just to be the beneficiaries of the change, but to be agents of it.”

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According to Netflix, Blake Lively’s next leading role will be in the psychological thriller We Used to Live Here. In the meantime, don’t forget to share these Blake Lively quotes with friends.

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