why carbs are your friends

Forget The Hype: Here’s Why Carbohydrates Are Your Friends


Carbs – a word many people fear and a thing many people avoid. How did an essential energy source gain such a horrible reputation? 

The truth is: carbs are not bad for you. Yes, there are some exceptions to this statement. There are sugary carbs, like cakes, cookies, and all those sinful baked goods. But, those are not your enemies either. In fact, no food is your enemy unless consumed beyond moderation.


Ah, moderation – an overstressed word that still is incredibly undermined. Moderation is what diet trends and fads don’t want you to think about. They want you to go to the extreme. They want you to cut out carbs, a very important nutrient for your body. 

The next time you see someone or something condemning carbs, remember this: a recent study revealed that those who consumed carbs in moderation (55% of their daily calorie intake,) lived 4 years longer on average than those who managed a low carb diet.

Let’s kick the silly diets to the curb and discover why carbohydrates will always be our friends

Carbs are Not All the Same!

Oftentimes, carbs are grouped into the same bubble. It’s like saying that women are all the same. It’s just not true.

Generally speaking, carbs are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Starches 
  • Fiber  
  • Sugars


Each interacts differently in our bodies. Starches and fibers are complex carbs, that break down more slowly in our bodies. These provide us more lasting and sustainable energy. This challenges the myth that carbs make you gain weight. It’s actually the opposite – moderate carb consumption helps you to maintain your weight. 

Delicious and belly-friendly, complex carbs come in all kinds of forms. Cruciferous vegetables, grains, cereals, and beans are the best examples.

There are also sugars. These are simple carbs. Now, before you start thinking “these are the bad carbs” – stop yourself right there. Simple carbs are not evil. 

Simple carbs are not healthy when consumed in excess. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are a lot of added sugars. These sneakily increase our daily sugar increase. It also gives simple carbs (aka sugars) a bad name.

The reality is: we need simple carbs for immediate energy. Simple carbs digest fast and can boost our blood sugar when necessary.

Now, we aren’t saying that it’s healthy to eat a whole sleeve of Oreos. That’s not moderation. But, if you do, don’t hate on yourself! Know that your body can handle it and that you’ve definitely do not need any more sugar for the rest of the day.

why you need carbohydrates

Carbs Are Our Bodies Main Energy Source

Did you know that carbohydrates are our body’s primary fuel? Without carbs, our bodies cannot function at their fullest capacity. 

When our bodies digest carbs, glucose releases into our bloodstream, spreading all around our body. This glucose for our bodies is like gasoline for a car – it powers us up and lets us rock and roll. This is why carbs are particularly crucial if you exercise. They give you the strength to complete intense workouts.

Carbs are also necessary for our brains. Glucose powers up our brain, helping us to think clearly and productively.

If you avoid carbs, you deprive your mind. A lack of carbs also drops your blood sugar too. When this happens, we become moody, irritable, and just no fun to be around. Moodiness affects our relationships.

So, are carbs worth giving up if it means losing your friends? We think not.

Carbs Have Great Health Benefits

There are plenty of carbs that are full of vitamins your body needs to survive. 

Let’s start with starches. Whole grains and cereals are chock full of fiber. Hardy vegetables and roots, like sweet potatoes, have so many vitamins that protect your body from scary diseases. Oh, and we cannot forget beans. We can go on and on about their insane benefits. Beans are an additional source of protein too, giving you extra energy.

Simple carbs can make you a little more beautiful, inside and out. Fruits in particular yield amazing internal and external benefits. First, they are plentiful in antioxidants that fight off free radicals inside our bodies. Free radicals are known to cause harmful diseases – who needs that?

Fruits of all kinds also aid in digestion. Pineapple, for example, has awesome digestive properties. Also, citrus and tropical fruits help our skin glow.

So, if you want to reach boss level in life, realize this: you need carbs. A crazy celebrity diet will not give you dreams. But, carbs can. Without such a potent source of energy, you will not have the power to reach your dreams. 

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