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Emily Blunt Quotes On Determination And Humility


Best recognized for her role in the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada, Emily Blunt is a woman with many talents. She is a top-rated actress with both a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award, but many of her fans don’t know that she’s also a talented cellist and vocalist. The British actress moved to the US to pursue her career in Hollywood and is known for excelling in almost all genres, including comedies, dramas, and children’s movies. Emily Blunt quotes give us a good look at her determination, class, and humble personality.

You wouldn’t know it by watching her films, but young Emily Blunt struggled with a severe stammer until she was 14. Her parents tried to help with different types of therapies, but it wasn’t until Blunt started acting that she finally overcame the impediment. An acting coach taught her to speak with an accent, and Blunt now credits that lesson for not only inspiring her career but helping her speech.

Emily Blunt quotes

Blunt grew up in England and got her start on stage in the UK. She earned roles in several plays and musicals where her talent as a singer won her applause. She was even offered a record deal after her performance in the musical “Bliss” in Edinburgh. Determined to focus on acting, however, Blunt continued to accept roles both in the UK and US.

Since her earliest roles, Blunt has had several big hits including “Into the Woods,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “A Quiet Place,” and most recently, Disney’s “Jungle Cruise.” She lives with her husband John Krasinski and their two children.

Read these Emily Blunt quotes to get to know this multi-talented actress.

Emily Blunt quotes

  1. “There is absolutely, 100 percent, a light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who stutters.”
  2. I’m kind of effectively bipolar.”
  3. I do strive to find projects that are trying to carve out some new space. I enjoy projects that leap away from the crowd a little bit.”
  4. I’m not much of a crier but it is mildly soul-destroying and exposing to do something physical that you are terrible at in front of other people.”
  5. “I appreciate a slow-burn romance. In most movies, everyone is just tearing their clothes off in the first scene.”
  6. It’s always a little mind-boggling to realize that these famous actors know who I am.”Emily Blunt quotes
  7. The performances I enjoy are the ones that are hard to read or ambiguous or left-of-centre because it makes you look closer and that’s what humans are like – quite mysterious creatures, hard to pinpoint.”
  8. “People quit on jobs. They quit on marriages. They quit on school. There’s an immediacy of this day and age that doesn’t lend itself to being committed to anything.”
  9. “I’m such a diva on set.”
  10. When you’re in love, you’re so happy that you want to tell people about it. But now I have to censor myself. You need to protect the happiness you have.”
  11. “I used to look like a deer in headlights on the red carpet. You step out of the car and its bedlam. Everyone’s got crazy eyes.”
  12. It’s nothing to be ashamed of to have a stutter.”
  13. “I would love to be on Broadway!”
  14. It’s very hard to play the straight lead girl and still make her sparkly and fun and real.”Emily Blunt quotes
  15. “People just want to know something, anything. It’s all the stuff you never want to talk about, the private stuff.”
  16. I think for me the job always has to be the right thing at the right time.”
  17. I had to learn to dance for ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ and it was nearly impossible. I turned up with my knees knocking in my leotard and went home and cried my eyes out.”
  18. I attempted to fish in Scotland and I managed to hook a dog. It was a horrible moment but the dog turned out to be fine.”
  19. If you’re in America a lot, it’s easy to get into playing American. All of it, the sounds, the energies, are all very different. But it’s really hard to do the accent. I tend to try and stay in it all day, which is the only way I can manage it.”
  20. “It’s quite hard to faze me. I’m fairly un-shockable.”
  21. “It’s sort of a meat market, the whole awards thing, and I don’t think you can predict it anymore – who’s going to like what you’ve done, if it’s worthy or not. And hopefully, that’s not why you make a film, because if you’re distracted by that, or only striving for that, you don’t do it justice.Emily Blunt quotes
  22. “I’m not someone who likes to plan too much ahead.”
  23. “After this interview, I’m going to immigration to try to sort out my Green Card, just like any other normal person.”
  24. “I can understand there are things like shadows they need to fix after a shoot, but it’s unfair to represent an image of yourself if it’s not true. They’re gonna see what you look like on film anyway, so why try to cover all your wobbly bits in a photo?”
  25. “I find it quite hard to sum up my relationship in a sound bite. I feel that it trivializes it for other people’s pleasure. It’s an adventure.”

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