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25 I Like You Memes To Send To Your Crush


Sometimes, saying to someone that you love them or you have feelings for them can be really difficult. It would be difficult to find words that describe your affection for them. Also, telling someone, you love them for the first time can be a life-changing experience, so you do not want to mess it up.

There are plenty of ways to show people you care. However, if you are nervous about talking to them in person, then why not send them a meme? This is where these I like you memes can help.

Here are some fun ways to show your sweet intention to someone with these I like you memes. Good luck!

– You smell great today –

I like you memes

– I otterly hope so –

– You better LISTEN TO ME –

– Yes… I like you more than my cookies! –

– I am lazy but I can tell you that I like you –

I like you memes

– You hurt me, but I still love you –

I like you memes

– It is simple –

– You are MINE –

I like you memes

– You smell bad but I still like you –

– Hey You! –

– I wanna tell you that I love you –

I like you memes

– Always and forever –

– You smell like love –

– Did I tell you that I like you? –

– I pray that you like me –

– I will always love you –

– Although I am angry, I still like you –

I like you memes

– I am always thinking about you –

– Tell me you love me in my ear please –

– I like you, please don’t reject me –

I like you memes


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