Padma Lakshmi Quotes That Prove Strength Is Beautiful


Model, author, television host, mother, foodie, immigrant, activist—there is no one word to describe Padma Lakshmi. Some recognize her as the long-time host of “Top Chef” or remember her stunning appearances in magazines including Redbook, Cosmopolitan, or Allure. Either way, this Indian-born headliner seems to excel at everything she tries. Padma Lakshmi quotes give us a glimpse into her busy life and a hint at what it takes to make big dreams a reality.

Padma Lakshmi quotes

With five books, an Emmy nomination, a renowned modeling career, and a successful jewelry line, Padma Lakshmi isn’t afraid to try new things. That philosophy serves her well in the kitchen (whether she’s cooking or tasting), and it’s been an inspiration for her fans.

As an immigrant and person of color, Padma often uses her platform to speak about racism, sexism, and inequality. She is the American Civil Liberties Union ambassador for immigration and women’s rights and was also appointed as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2019. Whether she’s hosting a cooking show or walking the runway, her fans see a strong woman not afraid to be herself.

If you’re looking for motivation or guidance, let these 25 Padma Lakshmi quotes point you in the right direction.

Padma Lakshmi quotes

1. “The best thing you can do for someone is make them a beautiful plate of food. How else can you invade someone’s body without actually touching them?”
2. “Beauty is no accomplishment on its own. It’s what you do with it.”
3. “I’m not attached to things at all. I’m very lucky to have quite a few beautiful things, but if I look back at my life, I was often happiest when I had very little.”
4. “I was the first Indian model to have a career in Paris, Milan, and New York.”
5. “I think eating in itself is the act of great sensuality, so all you have to do is point the camera in the right direction.”
6. “I like me better naked. I don’t mean that in a vain way… When you put clothes on, you immediately put a character on. Clothes are adjectives, they are indicators. When you don’t have any clothes on, it’s just you, raw, and you can’t hide.”
7. “People always comment about my clothes. They don’t think a fashionable woman can love food and be knowledgeable and actually cook.”
8. “I am a sufferer of endometriosis. I didn’t want any young women to go through what I went through. I thought that people should know about it.”
9. “I’m the kind of girl who thinks about what she’s gonna cook for dinner when she’s finishing her lunch.”
10. “At first, I was grateful to be the object of such intense desire. Yet what’s flattering in the first year can be suffocating in the eighth.”Padma Lakshmi quotes
11. “I wasn’t like those girls who give birth and are back on the runway. It took me probably six months to gain 45 pounds, and I would say it took me double that time to lose it.”
12. “I’m not tough. I’m tenacious.”
13. “For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was desperate to find something that fit me and I just decided that if I could organically make a professional living out of the things that interested me, then I would be a happy person.”
14. “Where is it written that a smart woman can’t also be stacked?”
15. “I have great empathy for all the contestants that come on ‘Top Chef,’ whether they go home right away or they make it to the finish line. It’s a very vulnerable position they put themselves in and I feel for them.”
16. “I am as omnivorous as it’s possible to be. I always say there’s nothing I won’t eat and nothing I won’t wear.”
17. “I never Tweet about my daughter. Never. I just want to be respectful of her privacy. My job as a mom is to know when to open my mouth and when not to.”
18. “If any chef ever tells you they’re not inspired equally by the truck-stop barbecue as they are by the four-star Michelin restaurant, they are lying.”Padma Lakshmi quotes
19. “Women’s voices not being heard is the root of many of the problems of the world.”
20. “It doesn’t matter how precisely the onion is cut as long as the person chewing it is happy.”
21. “An oil massage, a hot bath, a good night’s sleep, soft smells and music and clothes with soft textures denote sensuality to me.”
22. “I’ve always thought the back is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman.”
23. “I will eat anything, at least once. For better or worse.”
24. “I’ve always had a fantasy to write a cookbook, because everyone wants to know what a model eats.”
25. “I think a great classic watch is the first staple every woman should invest in.”

You don’t have to be a model or a top chef to relate to these Padma Lakshmi quotes. Share them with friends to spread the love for this impressive woman.

Padma Lakshmi quotes

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