Tom Hanks Quotes On Life, Success, And Staying Grounded


As the fourth-highest-grossing actor in the country, Tom Hanks boasts a long list of popular movies. From Forest Gump in 1994 to A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in 2019, this easily recognized actor is known for bringing depth to emotionally stirring stories. He’s done drama, comedy, and even children’s movies, and the majority of those roles have received positive reviews. As we look back on Tom Hanks quotes, we remember some of his greatest films and recognize the man outside of the spotlight.

Today, he’s a Hollywood hotshot, but Tom Hanks himself admits he wasn’t well-liked growing up. His parents divorced when he was young, and he credits a sense of loneliness for encouraging him to take up theater. When he dropped out of college, he already had a strong reputation for on-stage acting and had an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of theater production. He won the Cleveland Critics Circle Award for Best Actor when he awed audiences in Shakespeare’s “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” but his time acting in plays didn’t last long.

By 1979, Hanks made his debut in both film and television. By the 1990s he had an impressive resume of noteworthy roles. That reputation was further cemented when he became the second actor in history to win two consecutive Oscars for Best Actor. His role as a gay lawyer suffering from AIDS in the movie Philadelphia (1993) and a kind-hearted man with a low IQ in Forrest Gump earned him the wins.

Tom Hanks quotes

Outside of his career, Hanks is an avid church-goer, football fan, and passionate environmentalist. He has four children and prefers to keep his life as private as possible. His name rarely graces the tabloids, but Tom Hanks quotes from professional interviews give us a glimpse into his thoughts and feelings.

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  1. “Even if a story has nothing to do with my life, if I can recognize something of myself in the character and think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s what I’d do…’ Yeah, that’s what I look for.”
  2. “I love what I do for a living, it’s the greatest job in the world, but you have to survive an awful lot of attention that you don’t truly deserve and you have to live up to your professional responsibilities and I’m always trying to balance that with what is really important.”
  3. “Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.”
  4. “A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.”
  5. “May you live as long as you want and not want as long as you live.”
  6. “I think it’s better to feel good than to look good.”
  7. “Some people go to bed at night thinking, ‘That was a good day.’ I am one of those who worries and asks, ‘How did I screw up today?'”
  8. “At the end of the day it’s got to be a good movie, it’s got to be a funny movie, and it’s got to make people think, ‘Hey, I couldn’t have spent my time any better.'”
  9. “I understand the concept of optimism. But I think with me what you get is a lack of cynicism.”
  10. “Some people are cowards… I think by and large a third of people are villains, a third are cowards, and a third are heroes. Now, a villain and a coward can choose to be a hero, but they’ve got to make that choice.”
  11. “No journalist has ever been in my house and no photographs have ever been taken of where I live. I don’t parade my family out for display, which is the way it will stay.”
  12. “Truth is, I’ll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism, and a great deal of candor.”
  13. “You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.”
  14. “There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. I can understand the concept of being a monk for a while.”Tom Hanks quotes
  15. “And I’m not apolitical – I’m very specific in my politics. But a lot of the time it’s nobody’s business unless you’re over at my house having dinner.”
  16. “If you’re funny, if there’s something that makes you laugh, then every day’s going to be okay.”
  17. “I’ve made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good.”
  18. “When I was 21 years old, I had a job playing Santa Claus in a shopping center in Sacramento. I was rail-thin, so it’s not like I was a traditional Santa Claus even then. I had a square stomach; that was the shape of the sofa cushion that I had stuffed into my pants.”
  19. “Prior to Saving Private Ryan I never worked with men. I was always working with some babe, and it was always about falling in love, and it just got turned around. I’m not looking for any particular kind of story. I wait until it comes across my desk.”Tom Hanks quotes
  20. “I went to college because I didn’t have anywhere else to go and it was a fabulous hang. And while I was there I was exposed to this world that I didn’t know was possible.”
  21. “I must say that I do wrestle with the amount of money I make, but at the end of the day what am I gonna say? I took less money so Rupert Murdoch could have more?”

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