warning signs of toxic people

Warning Signs of Toxic People


If you’re human, chances are you will struggle with at least one toxic relationship in your life. That isn’t your fault – toxic relationships are often part of our learning process. No matter what your experience is, identifying toxic people can be difficult. A lot of people come off great at first. How could know, even a few months into a relationship, that someone could be a potential category 5 hurricane in your life?

Keeping your eyes peels for a toxic person isn’t just for romantic relationships. This goes for platonic ones too! Friends (and even family) can be equally toxic in your life.

So, how do you protect yourself from toxic people in your life? There are a few big behaviors out there to steer clear of. Trust me, these tips will save you another unhealthy relationship.

warning signs of toxic people

7 Warning Signs of a Toxic People

They Don’t Answer Questions Directly

This is a subtle trait you may notice over time. If you find that someone you know can’t seem to answer a question directly, even the simple ones, sound the alarms. 

Narcissists tend to have this quality. They often want control of every situation. So, when they’re on the answering end of a question, they will find their way out of it. 

They Hold Grudges

Toxic people can’t let go of anything. Holding onto emotional baggage is how they thrive. It ensues drama, which typically engulfs a toxic person’s entire life.

The best way to tell if someone holds grudges, especially if you only recently met, is how they speak about others. Do they mostly mention bad things about past partners, friends, or family members in their lives? If so, this may not be a person you want in your circle. 

Why? Well, you may soon become one of their stories to the next person they want to lead into their drama! 

warning signs of toxic people

They’re Judgemental

Do you know someone who can’t go a day without judging one person? That’s a red flag. A highly judgemental person is not something you need in your life.

Toxic people are not only judgemental but also jealous. Their judgment is rooted in their insecurities. This leaves them comparing themselves to others nonstop.

Judging others is another way of asserting dominance. This is a classic sign of narcissistic behavior. A narcissist’s overcritical outlook will make them very controlling.

They’re Always Right

Those who don’t apologize are not people to be around. Toxic people refuse to recognize their mistakes and take responsibility for them. They want to always be the victim. 

Toxic people are typically highly narcissistic. The whole world revolves around them. Therefore, they can never be in the wrong since their feelings matter above everything else.

If you notice this is someone, don’t waste your time trying to argue. Accept that you’re dealing with a toxic person and move on.

They Rarely Apologize 

This ties right into toxic people always wanting to be right. I repeat – toxic people do not apologize. They usually will find a reason why it isn’t their fault.

You can begin noticing this toxic behavior in the little things. They will manipulate even the smallest of circumstances. Maybe they gave you the wrong directions. Somehow, it will end up being your fault. 

Being around someone who can’t admit a single fault is frustrating. More importantly, it doesn’t lead to a healthy relationship.

warning signs of toxic people

They Use ‘Emotional Blackmail’

This is a major toxic trait that usually comes to light in a more advanced relationship. 

Emotional blackmail is a key tool in a toxic person’s manipulation belt. Once you’ve already confided in the person, they begin using these details to control you.

This can be done in a variety of ways. It could be indirect, such as slowly isolating you from loved ones you may have a few complaints about. 

Emotional blackmail can also be a lot more strong and direct. A toxic person may threaten you. They may tell you that they won’t support you or love you anymore if you don’t meet their demands.

You Feel Drained After Talking to Them

Last but not least – if you feel severely exhausted after being around someone, ding! ding!  ding! They’re toxic. 

No one who is good for you should make you feel bad. That may sound pretty overstated. But, toxic people have a way of sucking the life out of people. That’s because toxic people carry all their drama around. And, boy do you feel it.

Did these signs of toxic people remind you of anyone in your life? If so, don’t freak out. The fact that you recognize this is an awesome sign!

Ironically, it is hard to move away from toxic people in your life. But, if you know someone with any of these traits, they may bring you more harm than good.

Remember – you deserve healthy relationships!  We hope these signs of toxic people help you to surround yourself with the most positive people for your own journey. 

warning signs of toxic people

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