Whitney Houston Quotes to Remember a Star Gone Too Soon


A natural-born superstar, Whitney Houston is a singer the world would never forget. She could warm any crowd with her angelic voice, beauty, and charm. Behind such a talent was a remarkable woman dealing with the stress of fame. By reading Whitney Houston quotes, we can come to understand the history and legacy of an icon gone too soon.

Raised in New Jersey, Houston grew up surrounded by music. Her mother, also a talented singer, introduced Houston to gospel music. This totally transformed Houston’s life. As a young girl, she fell deeply in love with singing gospel music. This inspired her to start performing. 

One of Houston’s performances ended up changing her whole life. At just 19, Clive Davis discovered Houston performing at an NYC nightclub. Davis signed her that very night. And, as we know, the rest is history.

Houston went on to set incredible records as a performer. Her voice was something no one could seem to get sick of.

Houston’s sudden death in February 2012 shocked the entire world. Her kindness and outstanding voice will never be forgotten. To celebrate such a talent, we put together the best Whitney Houston quotes, to showcase the stunning woman behind all the platinum albums.

Here are the Best Whitney Houston Quotes!

  1. “Being around people like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Roberta Flack, all these greats, I was taught to listen and observe.”
  2.  “You can fool people. You can fool anybody any time of the day, but you can’t fool yourself. At night, when you go home, you’ve got to be straight up with you.” 
  3. “My daughter is my greatest inspiration.” 
  4.  “I’m good where I am at this moment.” 
  5. “I’d rather be alone than unhappy.”
  6. “When I heard Aretha, I could feel her emotional delivery so clearly. It came from down deep within. That’s what I wanted to do.”
  7. “I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy.”
  8. “When I decided to be a singer, my mother warned me I’d be alone a lot. Basically, we all are. Loneliness comes with life.”
  9. “Nobody likes to be picked on. Nobody.” 
  10. “I’m not crazy about arenas just because I can sell them out. It doesn’t do anything for my ego at all. I want to play places where people don’t have to sit in the nosebleed seats and wonder what the hell is going on.” 
  11.  “Never let your heart take precedence over reason, otherwise you will have problems.”
  12. “I’m an old-fashioned girl. And I love gospel. I like things that lift me up, inspire me.” 
  13. “To learn your artistry and to be able to perfect that, is overwhelming. Especially when you are exuding love. Human emotion is a very delicate thing, so you have to be careful about how you present it because it can be kind of scary, or too overwhelming if you’re not careful. So I try to just keep it love.” 
  14. “I finally faced the fact that it isn’t a crime not having friends. Being alone means you have fewer problems.”
  15.  “My mother taught me that when you stand in the truth and someone tells a lie about you, don’t fight it.”
  16. “I have a mother that’s very strong and family that surround me and constantly tell me they love me.” 
  17. “If you say my eyes are beautiful, it’s because they are looking at you.” 
  18. “I’m a person who has lived and wants to live, and always has.”
  19. “Sometimes you do have a good time. But when it gets to the point where you’re sitting in your home and you’re just trying to cover what you don’t want people to know. It’s painful. And then you want more just so that you don’t let anybody see you cry. Or anybody to see we’re not happy.” 
  20.  “Sometimes you’ll laugh; Sometimes you’ll cry; Life never tells us, the when’s or why’s.”
  21. “I’ve got some good saints out there – that’s right – that pray for me constantly. You’ve gotta have that! You do.” 
  22.  “My mother sang with me in her stomach; I sang with Bobbi Kris in my stomach. I believe the child starts to develop within, and whatever you read, whatever you think, whatever you do affects the child.”
  23. “In grammar school, some of the girls had problems with me. My face was too light. My hair was too long. It was the black-consciousness period, and I felt really bad.”
  24. “I almost wish I could be more exciting, that I could match what is happening out there to me.”
  25. “I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow; if I fail, or if I succeed at least I did as I believe.” 

These Whitney Houston quotes truly warm our hearts. She was an unforgettable talent. If you have the time, listen to one of her albums during your workday. Her voice truly brings a smile to anyone’s face.


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