Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed To Seek Therapy


We need to talk about why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek therapy.

Mental health is a topic more discussed than ever. Yet, going to therapy still has some taboo around it. For some reason, people still believe that seeking therapy is a sign of defeat or weakness.

It is not.

Therapy is an amazing resource. It’s 2021 – and one out of every five Americans lives with a mental illness. That is only the reported amount! Might I mention, we are also still experiencing a global pandemic. 

The point is: everyone is struggling and therapy is an excellent tool to cope. We only live once. So, we might as well give ourselves the support we need.

Everyone is on their own mental health journey. Let’s remind ourselves that we deserve help when we need it.

why you shouldn't be embarrassed to seek therapy

Here are 6 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t be Embarrassed to Seek Therapy

You Feel Like No One Can Understand You

This is one of the leading reasons to seek therapy. When you’re grappling with intense anxiety and/or depression, sometimes communication becomes very hard. Many of those close to us seem to not understand how we feel.

This doesn’t mean that our feelings are not valid. It simply implies that a therapist can help you. They are a professional resource that is unbiased. Therapists are not there to judge you or tell you what to do. They are there for support!

You’re Feeling Lonely

Do you find that your mind is always somewhere else, no matter how many people are around you? Almost like you are on your own island that you can’t escape?

These feelings of loneliness and isolation are tremendously hard to deal with. They can be felt constantly, whether at home alone or at a party.

The intensity of loneliness can also be more literal. With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of us are experiencing ‘pandemic fatigue.’ The consequences of prolonged social isolation have driven people crazy. 

Therapy can help you work step by step through these struggles. Fortunately, therapists hold their sessions mostly virtually. This way, you can still seek help even if meeting people in person brings on a ton of anxiety.

why you shouldn't be embarrassed to seek therapy

You’re Overwhelmed by Negative Thoughts and Self-Doubt

Sometimes, we can find ourselves ruminating over the same negative thoughts over and over again. This challenges our daily functions. Most of all, it keeps us from feeling any sense of joy.

If this is something you experience, a therapist would be indispensable in your process. Therapists can help you to challenge these thoughts and to develop positive coping mechanisms to keep them from coming back.

You’re Grieving

Emotional pain can be the most excruciating. If you are experiencing major trauma or loss, opening up to those around you isn’t easy. It’s hard enough for you to confront your own emotions.

Oftentimes, people bottle up their emotions to seem strong. This will not help you in the long run! It is OK to feel emotional. Pain and grief are real. 

Grief is a long process. A therapist will listen and help you through this process, making the days easier to get through.

why you should seek therapy for anxiety

You’re Dealing with Major Social Anxiety

Don’t be ashamed if it’s hard to be around others, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Social anxiety is very common. But, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be worked through!

Opening up about social anxieties is difficult.  If you find that social situations incapacitate you, a therapist can assist you in confronting and overcoming your fears.

Remember: you deserve to happily present around those you love!

You’re Struggling with Eating or Sleeping

Our diet and sleep patterns affect our everyday activities. Both give us the energy we need to conquer the day.

When our emotions feel out of control, it affects our basic needs for survival. We begin to eat or sleep either too little or too much. Either will deeply affect our everyday functions.

If you notice this, therapy can help you get back to normal. A therapist wants to help you discover why you’re struggling and how you can fix it.

why you shouldn't be embarrassed to seek therapy

Your Main Coping Mechanism is Substance

It may be pretty normal to have a drink after a hard day. But, if you repeatedly find yourself turning to alcohol or drugs to cope with stress, there may be underlying issues that need to be addressed.

You are not a bad person for choosing substance as a way to cope. Stress is tricky. Sadly, it can lead us to develop poor coping mechanisms that can lead to addiction.

Therapy is definitely a resource for discovering those issues. They will work with you to tackle any problem and develop more positive coping mechanisms for your stress.

You are never in the wrong for seeking professional help. We are only human. Therapy is an essential tool for everyone to become the best version of themselves.

We hope that these reasons why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek out therapy help you, or someone you love, to reach out for the help they rightly deserve. 

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the NAMI Helpline at 1-800-950-6264.

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